1979 camaro rally sport fan?

Question by Jackson Streeter: 1979 camaro rally sport fan?
Hello I have a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport with a 305 V8 and a TH-350 tranny. It wants a new heater fan because the enthusiast in it only runs on Hi and it helps make a bad grinding sounds. It has air conditioning and im asking yourself how to alter the heater admirer since i cant find it.

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Solution by Cliff
admirer will be ont eh passenger side the place all teh HVAC system is. i cant say if its accessed from under teh hood or from the passenger seat even though…..

i might advise you start off off with obtaining a support manual. if you prepare on preserving it on your own, its a Need to have.
haynes or chiltons, haynes is the greater e-book for people with small or no knowledge, chiltons is far better if you already know the basics of vehicle mechanics. both textbooks ought to be avaible at a nearby auto components shop.

commonly, i would say a lover that only operates on substantial is good and the dilemma is in the switching. these enthusiasts only have 1 velocity, but if you mail less strength by jogging the electrical power through a resistor it will operate slower. increase much more resistance and goes slower nevertheless.
but, you say its producing a grinding noise, its possible that absolutely nothing other then high has enough power to make it spin….. but then you ought to blow fuses when leaving it on a reduced speed……

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