Questionable Sports That Are No Longer Legal

Sports That Have Now Officially Been Banned

A sport isn’t much fun when the athletes are at great risk of injury. Yes, there was a time in the past when sports were more dangerous, but needed safety measures have been put in place. After all, it isn’t much good if most of the game is spent trying to resuscitate an injured athlete. 

As such, there are some sports that have been outright banned. Since the activity was deemed too dangerous, governments wisely decided that the sport was against the law.

Let’s take a look at sports that have been banned for not meeting safety standards.

Bare Knuckle Boxing

Once upon a time the only rules of boxing were the Queensberry Rules. This simple set of rules was put in place to bring order to Boxing, which previously had been a chaotic affair. Prior to Queensberry Rules, which came about in 1867, bareknuckle Boxing was common. This meant that bloody faces and broken noses were the order of the day, a situation that many fans of the time were finding excessive.

Today much more has been done to boxing to make it safer for the athletes. Bare knuckle Boxing is outlawed in most parts of the world, and rightly so. Even boxing’s more brutal cousin, MMA, has strict rules in place. Gloves are among those rules.

Base Jumping

In most urban landscapes the sport of Base Jumping is illegal. The sport involves jumping off a tall structure, such as a building, and using a parachute to descend to the ground safely. The risk of injury is immense, and there have even been many deaths over the years. Additionally, Base Jumping enthusiasts have been known to illegally gain entrance to buildings in order to jump off their sides.

Not long ago Yosemite Park temporarily allowed legal Base Jumping permits, desperate to bring some sort of order to the dangerous sport. It wasn’t long before the legal permits were cancelled, with officials saying that jumpers were ignoring the rules. Most are probably happy staying home to play at Big Dollar online casino rather than facing these sorts of insane risks. 

Street Racing

There are many urban centres in the world that arrange legal racing. Correct precautions are taken, events are organised, and bystanders are kept safe. These legal events were created in order to combat illegal street races, all of which were very dangerous and extremely ill advised. Thankfully most motorsport enthusiast attend these legal events, with illegal street racing far less common than it has been in the past.

Legal racing events offer more than just races, with other forms of entertainment also offered.


Not to be confused with bouldering which sees organised groups attempting to climb boulders. Buildering is the same thing, only with buildings. The activity has been banned across the world for obvious reasons, with enthusiast often putting themselves at outrageous risk. Despite the popularity of some buildering videos on social media, a serious crackdown has made the insane sport far less common in major cities.